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I am the 45 year old mother of Josie (17), Jacob (14) and Fergus (11) and the wife of Mark. We live in Newhaven on beautiful Phillip Island with various animals including our dog Charlie. I am a recently trained teacher (third year in the classroom) who is busy juggling family, career and my journey to lose weight and be healthy. I have so many balls in the air . . . hopefully, one day I might catch one . . .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catching up and looking back . . .

It's been a while and I have been following my favourite blogs but not spending much time commenting or blogging, I'm afraid. I popped over to the lovely Leanne's blog the other day only to find that she had actually given me an award--how amazing! So I thought I better go blog something. I'm not quite sure how one goes about "picking up" a blog award or passing it on, so I will have to look into that. Meanwhile, Thanks Leanne! If you haven't visited Leanne's blog yet, you should. Only 2kg to goal--how amazing! A Slimmer and Healthier Me

School has been really great this year! I have a beautiful grade and it has given me faith in my decision to enter this profession and that I actually am a good teacher. Last year people kept telling me that every now and again you get a group where the dynamics just don't work and you just have to do your best and survive the year. I tried to believe it but deep down I just kept thinking I'm really just not up for this job. Anyway, fate dealt me a different hand this year and my grade although getting quite big (26 and it's only term one--eek) are just delightful! I spent all summer going through my behaviour management plans in my head, thinking when this happens . . . I'll do this, etc. But it just hasn't come to that. I talk . . . they listen and learn . . . it's just so easy. Of course I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to set "the tone" of the room, explicitly stating expectations, etc. And it's worked! We're all learning beautifully together. What can I say "3/4O's the way to go!"

Well I signed up for various Goal End Of Month challenges that I didn't really do, I signed up for the Lose 8kg by Easter Challenge--haven't persisted with that one (sorry, guys). Started taking pictures for the 100 day challenge . . . but haven't blogged that either. I guess I just have to admit to myself that I have no staying power anymore. I'm not going to do challenges for now. It just makes me feel that I'm letting everyone down. I have all but stopped losing weight, although I did make the under 80 milestone, finally, just. I seem to be able to maintain my weight, but I just can't seem to do the extra bit I need to do to actually lose weight at the moment. The other awful truth is that I've grown complacent as I feel great and I'm forever being told how great I look and I think I've lost the hunger to actually get to goal at the moment. To my amazement we were doing a touchy feely thing at work where we all had to write something positive about each other on a piece of paper. I was amazed by the feedback on my paper. As lovely as it was, I was not surprised by comments such as "Literacy Queen" and "Master Chef". However, "Great taste in clothes", "Looking Great" and "Fitness Fan" took me back a little! Did someone write on the wrong paper??

When I began this journey way back in September 2008, I was really reluctant to set a goal weight, because I figured every kilo, I was a kg better off than when I began. To a degree I still feel like that. Even if I never lost another gram, I am still so much better off than the old 112.5kg me. But on the other hand, if I look and feel so much better now than I did--how great will I feel when I'm actually have a healthy BMI rather than celebrating having gone from morbidly obese to just overweight?? The problem is it's getting trickier. I turned 46 and then the same week went fractionally under 80kg--and in one fell swoop, I lost 2 points at once. So now I have to eat 20 points and I've been totally crap at sticking to 22!! So I think I really need to raise the bar exercise wise. I've been slowly getting back into going to Curves 3 or 4 times a week and I think I need to try and walk the dog or swim AS WELL. All summer I have really only been walking or swimming and in the winter only going to gym--so I really think to give me an edge I have to do both.

We're off to Bali in two weeks . . . yippee!! More about that later. I'm disappointed that I won't be 75kg as planned, however, nothing I can do about that now. Will try hard for the next two weeks to lose a kg or two to give me some leeway for while I'm away. Recently, I met this lovely lady who has a personal training business. She is not-threatening at all and really good fun. I met her socially through our swimming friends and told her that in term two I'm interested in becoming a client. I'm hoping that might help me push myself a little harder in the exercise stakes.

Well my birthday was way back in January . . . but I did have a hoot and I wanted to put up some pics. We all went out for breakfast as a family, then that evening I cooked up a big paella for some really good friends. My dear mother bought me an entire summer wardrobe as a birthday present--ladies in Melbourne the TS 14+ Factory Outlet in Abbotsford is well worth a visit during sale time. I made our traditional family birthday cake--the coffee chocolate mudcake found here. I recommended this recipe to the legendary Chris H of Diet Coke Rocks fame and was so proud when she blogged about it, but she is right when when she says it's not weight watcher friendly! I tried to make it a little less deadly by just topping it with a dusting of icing sugar and strawberries instead of the ganache topping. I chose to put "Lost Count" candles on, rather than 46 candles. We all got a bit silly changing the letters around to spell different words . . . I'm afraid you can spell some quite disgusting things with the letters in "Lost Count" . . . think about it. Anyway, I really did have a happy birthday.

With our good friends Ann Marie and Sue and Ray (who incidentally I have apparently inspired to join WW Online--Sue has currently lost 10kg and Ray 8!! How good is that--I wish I could inspire me to lose 10kg!)

And just a little look back over the years . . .

If you're interested in really seeing how truly fat I was, click on the pictures. I must make sure I never go back . . .


  1. Wow! You lead an an exciting life! And isn't it great to know people recognize your new dimensions - fitness fan, looking great. I am so happy for you, a whole new person. Have fun in Bali!

  2. AND Lesley, I have lost those two kgs and am at GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi gorgeous lady, hoped I would smoke you out with the award.lol I can so relate to your classroom issues. Two years ago I had a class that after twenty odd years of teaching made me really sit back and think, why am I doing this, I used to think and be told how good I was at this and felt like nothing was working and my weight leapt up. You have those years.You learn so much from them and they are usually followed by a great year where you can teach and not just lion tame. Have to run as I am late, but have a wonderful holiday and can't wait to see pics of Bali holiday. They will be gorgeous.I LOVE Bali.
    Leanne x

  4. Lesley, you are looking fabulous, no matter how you are going at the moment. Let me tell you...I'm doing about the same & so is my friend who weighs the same as me. We're just faffing around the 88kg mark. Bummer. Oh & my trip to the US in Sept is off. I'm going in Feb instead. I also need to update my blog.

    Have a great time in Bali!

  5. For some reason my first comment didn't post. Sorry Lesley! I hoped my award would smoke you out, have been missing you. Love the great pics and pleased your school year is going well. You have those years when challenges seem to come out of the woodwork and you learn so much from them. But then you really appreciate the years when you can teach and not just lion tame! Love all the pics, you are just glowing. Have a wonderful time in Bali, lucky lady. I LOVE Bali, I taught English over there for nearly a year when I first finished Uni.Go for goal, it is so worth it to finsih the journey. You look so amazing now, just imagine how you feel to accomplish what you set out to achieve. Can't wait to see your holiday pics. Leanne x

  6. How neat that you have a really lovely class to teach this year. Love all the photos.