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I am the 45 year old mother of Josie (17), Jacob (14) and Fergus (11) and the wife of Mark. We live in Newhaven on beautiful Phillip Island with various animals including our dog Charlie. I am a recently trained teacher (third year in the classroom) who is busy juggling family, career and my journey to lose weight and be healthy. I have so many balls in the air . . . hopefully, one day I might catch one . . .

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weight wise I have been maintaining rather than losing over the last month. I have had a few busy social weekends and have over indulged, so on one level, I'm pleased that I've maintained rather than gained, but on the other hand I need to refocus, or I won't reach the goals I've set for myself. I tell myself that I'm taking the slow and steady approach to weight loss, and I'm not fussed as long as the weight goes down however slowly. Over the past 7 or 8 months, I've been losing 400 or 500 grams a week on average. I regularly go a few points over my "weight watcher points". And this is okay as long as I'm exercising. I still lose. However, over the past six weeks my exercise hasn't been too flash. I've only lost 2.1 kg in 7 weeks. I've been sick and have had family commitments which I've let get in the way. I find that when I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, I get really upset if I miss a session. If I go to the gym one or two times, it's easy not to go. So this next week, I really will aim for at least 3 times. My parents are away, and I am entrusted with the care of their dog as well as our little Charlie, so I've walked them for an hour the last 3 nights. If I can keep this up it will really help. I can do better than this. I really want to be 82.5 by 21 September--my 1 year weight watcher anniversary. This will mean 30 kg's gone in 12 months. I really, really want to be under 80 by Christmas. And I really, really, really want to be 75 kg or less when we go to Bali to celebrate Josie's birthday at the end of March, 2010. I can do this! I will do this!

Sometimes, for someone as messy and disorganised as I am, I surprise myself, by having a touch of the obsessive compulsive about me . . . counting while I walk is one of the manifestations of this! I am thinking of investing in an ipod, to see if that will stop me from obsessively counting my steps. Today I realised that instead of counting, I was actually repeating 79.5, 79.5, 79.5. How good is that? That's got to help, I reckon. I WILL be 79.5 at Christmas time, or sooner.

I have got my week off to a good start. Ihave cooked up some curried lentils and quinoa. Obstensively for my newly vegetarian son, but healthy, low point and filling work lunches for me, as well.

Cheers, all. 79.5, 79.5, 79.5 ........


  1. Your last month or so echoes mine almost exactly! July was almost a complete waste of time for me. Oh & I also lose about .5 each week and go over my pts by a bit! We must be twins.

    But you look so fantastic now compared to your before photos. Look at how far you've come. 30kg is nothing to be sneezed at. Congrats!!

    Oh & I love my ipod. I whack on my music (or talking book) and then start the stopwatch. That way I get a timed workout & I use mapmyrun.com to map my walks.

  2. Hi Leslie--I love your recipes. I'm always looking for something interesting, healthy and delicious to cook. You look great BTW! Kudos to you for your weight loss :)

  3. Hi Leslie!! I just found your blog through a comment you left on Stephanie's...an Australian blogger...how cool is that? I just received an email today from a girl in Scotland. This blogging thing is so cool...international friends!! I'm looking forward to going back to the beginning of your blog tomorrow and reading all the way through. So glad I found you. And yes, you CAN do this!! We'll do it together girlfriend...you are not alone! :)

  4. I am fixing to do my post for tonight and was looking up your name again to put it with your blog name and realized I spelled it wrong in my last comment....my apologies! :)

  5. Me again....I borrow talking books from the library and then copy them onto my iPod. After I've "read" it, I wipe it off. Simple! You can buy them but they are $$$$$ so the library is a better option. Or try www.audible.com

  6. Thanks Alison. What a great idea. Had never thought of this!

  7. Lesley,
    What an inspiration you are...You have come along way!! Love your posts just have been catching up...